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ACCEPT-VALUES pane & caching

I have a pane which is an ACCEPT-VALUES pane.  The simplest way to describe
it would be that it is similar to the Namespace Editor on the Symbolics
(I apologize to those not familiar with that interface), except that the
you enter the object to edit as the response to the first ACCEPT in the
pane.   All the other ACCEPTs change according to the type of the object
and the values associated with that object.

My concern is that the searching of the cached queries (by
:QUERY-IDENTIFIER) over time will become a bottleneck.  So when the user
changes the object, every ACCEPT on the pane that gets called for that
object will cause the system to check the cache to see if that query (for the
ACCEPT) had already been displayed.  With, say, 50 queries per object and
several hundreds of objects over the life of this pane, a lot of structure
may be stored in the caches.  (That's only, say, 50*300 queries but how
much structure is stored per query?)

I'm not the end-user of this particular pane so I don't have the experience
but one end-user is complaining about the slowness.  I don't know whether
the slowness is just in the displaying (which I have little control over) 
or whether it might be due to searching the caches (and the resultant paging).

As is reasonable, the caching of queries is internal stuff and so not
documented.  I was hoping I could recursively call ACCEPTING-VALUES anew
each time I changed the object.  I tried that but ran into problems.

So, what I (think I) need is a way to be able to clear out the cache of
queries so it doesn't just get bigger and bigger over the life of the pane.

Any suggestions?
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