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Using sequence type in accepting-values?

    Date: Mon, 25 Nov 1991 13:03 EST
    From: curt@eraserhead.Jpl.Nasa.Gov (Curt Eggemeyer)

    Q2: In-line edits of accept values within the accepting-values seems to work
    incorrectly.  If I click to edit an accept field it is removed from the
    display (the default is set to whatever was in that field).  That is fine
    for some presentation types.  Other presentation types like 'sequence should remain on the display and allow the user to do inline edits (like the commands
    in an application pane).  It is one royal pain in the butt to the user to
    force him reinput everything that was in that field when maybe they are just
    adding more items or selectively pruning some away.

I don't know about CLIM, but in DW you click middle to edit the existing
value, and click left to enter a new value.



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