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Saving an image

I want to start up my application, run it for a while, then save an
image.  I am running CLIM 2.0b3 on the Mac.  I am able to save an 
image and restart it in MCL 1.0 by using

(save-application my-pathname :toplevel-function :toplevel-loop)

When I do this inside my CLIM application, the system creates an image, but
CLIM gets hung (the application frame closes, but the Listener stays open.
Unfortunately, the MCL menu bar disappears so I have to reboot the machine)
I can live with this, but restarting the image opens the image for an instant,
and recloses it immediately.  

I presume that I need a different toplevel function, possibly additions to
the *save-exit-functions* and *restore-lisp-function*.  Perhaps I need to
dispose of some Macintosh pointers and handles on the heap.
I don't think I'm creating any, but perhaps I am.  What sorts of calls
would create these?

Any one save a CLIM image who'd like to share the experience?


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