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LCD-display, text-styles

    Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1991 16:38+0200
    From:     Ralf Nikolai <>

    My platform is CLIM 1.0 on a UX1200 board in a SPARCstation.

    I want to write a kind of LCD-display 
    to display to the user
    and accept numbers from him. To do this I've the idea to draw a
    (fixed sized) rectangle with the number representing digits in it.
    Now I want the user to be able to edit the number in the box
    without destroying the mask.
    As I don't have detected any hint in the code-examples, the manual
    and in this box to do something like this (I really have to write
    the full editor functionallity by myself?) I would appreciate any advice.

    Future thanks Ralf.

To restrict the length of input of accept (if that's what you want),
I suggest that you accept the input from a separate window, that has exactly
the size you want, i.e. the size of the rectangle you mentioned above.

>From my point of view, CLIM is not a very practical tool for static forms
as normally used in e.g. database queries, anyway.

Markus Fischer
Consulting Services
Symbolics Systemhaus GmbH
Frankfurt, Germany


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