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stopping echoing of accepting?

    Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1991 19:34+0200

    I want to accept something in a window but whatever I accept gets echoed in
    the window (see below for example code).  How do I stop the echoing?
    (This is in MAC CLIM).
    -Thanks, David

    (in-package clim-user)
    (setq root (open-root-window :mcl))
    (setq w (open-window-stream :parent root))
    (present 3 'integer :stream w)
    (accept 'integer :stream w :prompt nil)

In the current CLIM implementation there is no supported way
to suppress echoing of accept.

However, I suggest two techniques that also suppress echoing,
but the hard way.

1) suppress all output recording during your request:
(with-output-recording-options (w :draw-p NIL :record-p NIL)
	(accept 'integer :stream w :prompt nil))

2) the other alternative is that you modify the present method 
for your presentation type in such a way, that it checks a
the value of a special variable. If this special variable shows
that you don't want echoing, then you do no output at all 
in this present method.
In this scenario you have to bind the special variable before
the non-echoing calls to accept, e.g. with let.

In future CLIM releases it could be possible that accept takes
an optional parameter that acts exactly as you and I think
some other people want.

Markus Fischer
Symbolics Systemhaus GmbH
Frankfurt, Germany
Tel: 06196 47220


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