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Funny accepting-values dialog case

If in your application frame you do something like this (assuming your in the
clim package or using it):

(define-your-application-command (com-test-subset :name t) ()
   (let ((test '(2)) (*stream* (frame-query-io *application-frame*)))
	(accepting-values (*stream*)
		(setq test (accept (cons 'subset '(1 2 3 4 5))
				:stream *stream* :default test
				:prompt "Input")))))

I found that for the accepting the subset presentation type you have
a funny case of how it unhighlights or unbolds the selected items from
the list.

If you deselect the item that was most recently selected it works fine!

Now Select multiple items.  Lets say you selected 3 4 5 so now you have
2 3 4 5 selected.   Now try to deselect any item other than 5 (or
the last one selected), you have to multiply click the mouse on
that item three times to get it to deselect it.  This is weird!


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