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LUV-92 Theme and Speaker Quest


You may, or may not, know that LUV-92 is being planned for Aug 10-14.
Place to be announced, but Seatle, Denver and San Diego are in the

Here's your chance to become influencial in LUV-92, maybe even famous.
We (the LUV-92 planning committee) are looking for a theme for the
conference.  We have some in mind and would like some feedback on them.
They're rough and we're looking for something catchy.

Choice 1: Delivering to the Customer in Lisp.  So far, some of us like
this one.  It emphasizes customer and delivery and Lisp.  Shortening it
to "Delivering in Lisp" could be acceptable.

Choice 2: Common Lisp: We Do Objects Right.  I just made this up.  We're
looking for a theme that emphasizes the strong object oriented support
in Common Lisp.

Choice 3: Evolving Lisp. This echoes the CACM Lisp issue of recent past.
We could use the chamelion as logo for the conference.

Choice 4: Interoperability.  This is everyone's favorite thing to
promote these days and with good reason.  The ANSI CL standard and the
availability of CL on stock hardware play into this theme.

Choice 5: Write in.  You get to dream something up.

Some guidelines for coming up with a theme: You would take time and
money to go see a conference with such a theme.  Lends itself to
choosing speakers, panel sessions and technical papers.  Attractive to
the Lisp community.  Focused.  Addresses advanced technology.

Of course, we are looking for a keynote speaker and perhaps two or three
additional speakers that reflect well on the theme.  If you have
suggestions for speakers, please send them to me.  Include an e-mail
address and a phone number if you know them.  If you want to speak at
LUV-92, let me know.

Peter Van Sickel
LUV-92 Theme and Speaker Organizer


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