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CLIM 1.0 Border & Color tro

                       Subject:                               Time:4:19 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          CLIM 1.0 Border & Color trouble        Date:12/16/91
Anyone know of work arounds for fixes for the following on the Mac--

1) Borders appear between between the panes of my-app despite the :borders nil 
(borders do not appear when the code runs on a SUN).

 (define-application-frame my-app  () (  ;slots ...  )
  (:command-table my-cmd-t)
  (:panes (
	   (graphics :application :scroll-bars nil :borders nil)
     (help     :pointer-documentation        :borders nil
                     :default-text-style *small-bfont*
                     :display-function 'draw-help-window)
     (commands :command-menu :default-text-style *small-bfont*
                     :borders nil)
           ) )

2) In four grays monitor mode, only one of the two grays between black and
white appears. A display of a series of colors (which looks appropriate when
the monitor is in 16 or 256 color mode) shows as black going to dark gray going
to white in four grays mode. Seem to be missing the lighter gray. No
improvement when displaying a twenty step gray scale.


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