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RE: circle-segments

Here is some code that might help you folks with the NYI bug.
You probably don't want to use it verbatim, but it shows a
workaround for the problem.

jeff morrill

(defconstant 2pi (* 2 pi))

(defun DRAW-CIRCLE (u v radius &key (filled nil) (stream *standard-output*)
		    (alu %alu) (start-angle 0 start-p) (end-angle 2pi end-p)
  ;; 30 Sep 91.  CLIM 1.0 bug was detected for start-angle and end-angle.
  ;; Hence won't pass those keywords along unless supplied.
  #+clim (if (or start-p end-p)
	     (clim:draw-circle* stream u v radius :ink alu :filled filled
				:start-angle start-angle :end-angle end-angle)
	     (clim:draw-circle* stream u v radius :ink alu :filled filled))
  #-clim (graphics:draw-circle u v radius :stream stream :alu alu :filled filled
			       :start-angle start-angle :end-angle end-angle))


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