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stopping echoing of accepting values

I followed the recent discussion about suppression of input echoing in
CLIM.  What we want to suppress is the "X Mode" message that is echoed
when a menu item command is selected from the main command menu of the
application.  I find that :REPLACE-INPUT NIL works fine for
suppressing echoing of objects that are clicked on in an application
pane, but not for suppressing these "X Mode" messages.  Here is how I
attempted to do it:

(defmethod clim:read-frame-command ((frame my-application-name) &key stream)

  (multiple-value-bind (cmd type)
		       (clim:accept 'clim:command-or-form
				    :prompt ""
				    :prompt-mode :raw
				    :replace-input nil)				    

;; [code to deal with input forms from the keyboard is deleted ]

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