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Re: problem selecting regions within regions

I used :single-box T because in my application, each object may in
fact have multiple graphics.  In this case, each object is a single
line, but in my application the objects may consist of both a line and
a polygonal arrowhead.  I want each object to be independently
selectable.  I deleted the arrowheads to make the example as simple as
possible.  As I mentionned originally, it is hard to generate an
example where one of the objects is not selectable.  That is, with
other configurations of the objects, both overlapping objects ARE
selectable, WITH :single-box T.

In summary, I argue that (1) I do need to use :single-box T given the
semantics of my application, and (2) CLIM often -- but not always --
handles overlapping objects correctly with :single-box T.

Sorry about the parens.


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