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Re: Icons for Clim-Windows

Question then. Do you have any entries in your .Xdefaults
that refer to this application of the nature:

<application-name>*<some-resource>  <some-value>

The <application-name> is what you want to use.
Also if the programmer of your application if it is
not you did the right thing you should be able to
specify the icon to use with the resource:

<applicaiton-name>*DefaultIcon   <pathname> ?
<application-name>*iconImage     <pathname>

The above say that the developer took to time to program
the ability to specify those resources. If indeed there
are any resources available for that particular application.

After that you are on your own, I know of no other way to
define a resource for an application that does not handle
the setting of a particular resource. Unless of course you
want all of you applicatrions to have the same icon except
the ones where you can specifically set the icon, with the
method you first mentioned.

I had the same problem with setting the icon I wanted to
use for gnuemacs. You either took the default icon, or you used
the one provided with gnuemacs. I could also not set the focus
for gnuemacs either, I could get all of my other windows to
come into focus by placing the mouse over the window, but
gnuemacs I had to click on the window.

Good luck,



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