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Incremental updating-record?

    Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1992 14:23 EST
    From: Peter Norvig - Sun Labs East <>

    I have an application that requires scrolling through several thousand 
    records.  I could use clim:updating-output, but the startup time is too
    long.  What I really want is an incrmental version of updating-output
    that generates and displays one screenful and stops, then generates
    and displays subsequent screenfuls as the user scrolls.  Has anybody
    done something like this?

I have a version of something like this that incrementally redisplay
individual "lines", where a "line" is one horizontal unit of display.
It works best when all of the lines have similar height (more accurate
computation of scroll bars), but that is not a strict requirement.  Is
this the sort of thing you need?

If this is important to other people, I will try to finish it up and get
it into either CLIM itself or some sort of CLIM library.


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