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Re: Icons for Clim-Windows

In article <19920203181353.9.SWM@EVENING-GROSBEAK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM> Scott McKay <> writes:
>	   (make-application-frame
>		'application
>		:parent
>		(open-root-window :clx :host host)
>		:width *initial-width*
>		:height *initial-height*)))
>    Now I want to know which is the name of the window exposed on the X-display,
>    so that you could use special icons. 
>    (.mwmrc 
>     ...
>     Mwm*<application-name>*iconImage:      <icon-path>
>     )

I'm not sure about the implementation of CLIM you're using, but in general
the name of the application (in the X11 sense) is the pretty-name of
the application-frame.  (More specifically it is the window-label of
the application-frame's top level window, or "CLIM Window" if the window
has no label).

The easiest way to discover the actual name is with the X11 program 'xprop'.
Just run it and click on the CLIM window to find out its WM_NAME property.
This is what you should use to customize mwm.

	-- jdi


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