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Re: Icons for Clim-Windows

> In article <19920203181353.9.SWM@EVENING-GROSBEAK.SCRC.Symbolics.COM> Scott McKay <> writes:
> >	   (make-application-frame
> >		'application
> >		:parent
> >		(open-root-window :clx :host host)
> >		:width *initial-width*
> >		:height *initial-height*)))
> >
> >    Now I want to know which is the name of the window exposed on the X-display,
> >    so that you could use special icons. 
> >
> >    (.mwmrc 
> >     ...
> >     Mwm*<application-name>*iconImage:      <icon-path>
> >     )
> I'm not sure about the implementation of CLIM you're using, but in general
> the name of the application (in the X11 sense) is the pretty-name of
> the application-frame.  (More specifically it is the window-label of
> the application-frame's top level window, or "CLIM Window" if the window
> has no label).
> The easiest way to discover the actual name is with the X11 program 'xprop'.
> Just run it and click on the CLIM window to find out its WM_NAME property.
> This is what you should use to customize mwm.
> 	-- jdi

To customize mwm you have to use the WM-CLASS of the X11 window.
With the WM_NAME property you have no success.
An example for this is the following:
xterm -name XTermIV -n 'Fantomas' -T 'Fantomas'
In this case WM_NAME is "Fantomas" but the WM-CLASS is "XTermIV"

In the above case (window or application-frame) no WM-CLASS is specified.
(I tried 'xprop', 'xlsclients', 'xwininfo'. Using twm and the F.IDENTIFY
 function supply  Class.res_name   = "Untitled"
                  Class.res_class  = "Untitled")


P.S. I actually use CLIM 1.0 on an Ivory-board
     I haven't tried it on allegro up to now
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