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    Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1992 12:36 EST
    From: "William M. York" <>

	Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1992 08:04 PST
	From: Scott McKay <>

	    Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1992 03:39 EST
	    From: Stefan Bernemann <>

	    No real suggestions for a fix, but the implementation of the method 
	    STREAM-WRITE-CHAR on the class T seems arguable: calling
	    (clim:stream-write-char (clos:make-instance 'foo) #\x)
	    runs into an infinte loop on the symbolics.

	Genera's stream implementation predates the rest of the stream
	implementations in the world by several years.  I hesitate to call it
	a stream "system", because it really just accreted slowly over the
	years and does not implement any reliable protocol.  With the advent
	of CLIM, Genera uses *four* different object systems to implement
	streams:  structures, Old Flavor-like streams, New Flavor streams,
	and CLOS-based streams.

	What this means in real money is that CLIM has no choice but to write
	some stream methods on the class T, because there is no other place to
	hang them.  What Moon proposed is probably the right fix: default
	methods shouldn't cause STREAMP to return T.

    Yeah, but this has to be fixed in the CLOS WHICH-OPERATIONS
    mechanism, not in CLIM proper.

Yes, sorry I wasn't clear about that.


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