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Keyboard Accellerators

    Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1992 17:21 EST
    From: "Dexter R. Pratt" <>

    I've been having some peculiar behavior in Lucid Clim 1.0 with keyboard
    accellerators for commands.  If my command definer looks like:

    (define-cyc-listener-command (com-show-u :name t :keystroke #\control-g)

    Then the keystroke I have to type is #\control-G, not #\control-g

    Has anyone else seen this?  Its happened for me on both DEC 5000s and
    Sparc2s. The same code works ok on Genera.

    - Dexter Pratt

On Genera the reader ignores case, so both #\control-G and #\control-g
read as the same characters, which is the character that corresponds to
typing G with the Control key held down.  #\control-shift-G corresponds
to typing G with both the Control and Shift keys held down.

I believe that the Lucid reader pays attention to case inside of #\, so
if you want to create an accelerator that corresponds to typing the G
key with the Control key held down, you should specify #\control-\g
(note the backslash before the "g").


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