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Image Processing in CLIM

    Date: Mon, 02 Mar 92 18:17:03 EST
    From: "David A. Moon" <>
    Re: hacking the color map

    Not all platforms with color displays have color maps.  I believe the design
    was intended to be that the standard CLIM entry points provide
    platform-independent graphics with the functionality that all platforms can
    support, and if you need to do something like control the color map or
    display 24-bit-color images, that's platform-dependent code that must use
    platform-specific interfaces, and will work on the subset of platforms that
    support those interfaces.  I guess the problem with this is that these
    platform-specific interfaces didn't get documented by the vendors of the
    individual platform-specific versions of CLIM, and perhaps don't even exist
    in some cases where they could.

It seems reasonable that ``usual'' CLIM entry points should provide
platform-independent graphics.  I think, though, that CLIM should
specify a platform-dependent interface for dealing with color image
processing.  It seems unreasonable to preclude the use of these
powerful mechanisms because not all machines support them.  In fact,
these mechanisms are universal and are implemented by all
manufacturers.  Therefore, it seems critical to provide a standard
CLIM interface to these mechanisms.

I would like to know from the implementors, what support they have
provided for this platform-dependent case -- specifically, what
support have they provided for 8-bit color tables and 24-bit color
images?  For example, if I want to run CLIM on a 24-bit color machine
and use 24-bit color images in a reasonable fashion, am I out of

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