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bidirectional streams

Howdy Mr. Karp,

This is fixed in the Lucid's forthcoming release of CLIM 1.0.

;;; Dribble file "/scratch/to.karp" started
> (setf root (open-root-window :CLX))
#<CLIM::CLX-ROOT-WINDOW /x 0:1152 y 0:900/ 15E8FE6>
> (setf ws (open-window-stream :parent root))
#<CLIM::CLX-WINDOW /x 0:1152 y 0:900/ 160A4C6>
> (setf ws1 (open-window-stream :parent root))
#<CLIM::CLX-WINDOW /x 0:1152 y 0:900/ 1612586>
> (make-two-way-stream ws ws1)
#<Stream TWO-WAY-STREAM 1617BA6>
> (dribble)
;;; Dribble file "/scratch/to.karp" finished


John Kern
Lucid, Inc.
Customer Support

================ original message for ease of reference ===
Return-Path: <>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 92 20:58:15 PST
From: Peter Karp <>
Subject: bidirectional streams

I can't get bidirectional streams to work in CLIM; I'm assuming
they are not supported?

That is, if I do:

(clim:make-two-way-stream s1 s2)

where s1 for example was returned by clim:open-window-stream, I get an
error saying that s1 is not a stream.

Are there any plans to support them?  I would find them useful in
conjunction with clim:accept so that I could give the function a
stream argument that would let it read and write from different panes
or windows that I specify.



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