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do geometry operations work?

I'm spanking new (< 48 hrs) to CLIM, so please forgive me if I've missed
some crucial documentation or disclaimer.

I'm using CLIM 1.0 (I think--is the version number in the image somewhere?)
in Lucid on a Sparc.

It seems that various region operations don't work for certain classes,
notably polygons.  E.g. if p1 and p2 are overlapping polygons, then
(region-intersection p1 p2) is +nowhere+.  Region-difference gives the

>>Error: (:REGION1 :REGION2) is not a valid initialization argument list in this call to MAKE-INSTANCE

   Required arg 0 (REGION1): #<Standard-Polygon #X16FCE5E>
   Required arg 1 (REGION2): #<Standard-Polygon #X17076D6>

So that's question 1.  Question 2 is, when these things do eventually work,
are they just going to create region-sets, or are they going to make some
effort to create a drawable thing?  If the intersection of two
polygons is a polygon, I'd like to get my hands on that polygon, not on
some object which says "this is the intersection of two polygons".
Apologies in advance for my naivete--I was hoping to use this piece of CLIM
as the substrate for some genuine 2D geometrical reasoning.

	Jonathan Amsterdam


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