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Re: do geometry operations work?

  Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1992 10:18-0500
  From: Scott McKay <>
  Subject: do geometry operations work?
  To:,, clim@BBN.COM
      Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1992 21:25 EST
      From: "William M. York" <>
  	Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1992 16:08 PST
  	From: Jonathan Amsterdam <>
  It is currently the intention that CLIM 2.0 will either relegate the
  more complex region code to PROVIDEd modules that can be requested via
  REQUIRE, or eliminated altogether.  Unfortunately, as Bill points out,
  there has been insufficient attention focused on this area.
  There are a few questions that CLIM users need to answer on this subject:
   (1) How important is it that a full complement of region arithmetic be
       provided so that people can do 2D geometrical reasoning?
   (2) Is it sufficient to provide just enough functionality so that
       people can simply render these objects?  (This is less work then
       providing support for doing reasoning.)
   (3) What things would you give up in order to support (1) or (2).  That
       is, what is less important?  Examples of things to trade off
       against include support for gadgets, support for fast low-level
       drawing optimizations, support for "color maps", and so forth.

When i read about region stuff a while back i had a strong gut reaction
that it was way too much.  My applications, so far, have much simpler
requirements.  I vote for concentrating on things that really matter to
CLIM users as a whole, such as performance, and colors.



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