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Making frames go away

    Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1992 10:20 EST
    From: Scott McKay <>

	Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1992 06:39 EST
	From:     Nichael Cramer <ncramer@BBN.COM>

	In Lucid CLIM 1.0 beta on Sparc, SunOS 4.1...

	I'm having trouble getting rid of frames on a simple exit.

	Two easy-to-get-at examples occur in the clim-1.0b/tutorial/ directory.
	Both the TIC-TAC-TOE.lisp and the PUZZLE-5.lisp use calls of the form:

	  (clim:frame-exit *application-frame*)

	in their exit-commands.  However, upon exit the frame is dead but still
	"exposed"; i.e. it's still visible on the screen.

	Am I missing something obvious?

    I recall this behavior, and I believe that later vintages of CLIM 1 do
    what you expect, i.e., bury the frame's window.  My usual disclaimer
    about the availability of "later vintages of CLIM 1" still apply...

When will Symbolics' "later vintage of CLIM 1" be available?  And, what
can I do about it in the mean time?

My application is running on a Symbolics 3620 and allows someone using
an X11 server to request that the window be displayed on their screen.
I need a solution NOW because in one week it will be nearly impossible
for me to get permission to change the code.

Craig Lanning <>

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