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specializing CLIM windows ...

The doc. for CLIM:open-window-stream option :window-type says:

	The name of the clas of window to create. The default
	is the class normally used by CLIM for the parent win-
	dow. This argument is provided so that you can special-
	ize CLIM window classes, but should be used sparingly.

Ok. Now, if I look at what it opens without this parameter, it's
CLIM::SHEET-WINDOW-STREAM, which looks like it is composed of CLIM::WINDOW
STREAM and CLIM::SHEET-IMPLEMENTATION-MIXIN. I (apparently incorrectly)
assumed that I needed to specialize the CLIM::WINDOW-STREAM class so I could
remain device independent - I figured that the :PARENT option would make it
clear that I needed to have the sheet stuff mixed in. Yea, it sounds like
magic, but I was hoping that I could specialize a CLIM window class that was
device independent. Is this doable in some way?

PS When I created my window (or tried) the debugger told me I had to specify a
value for :DISPLAY-DEVICE-TYPE, which the manual says is one of those
"remaining keyword arguments" which "are internal and should not be used".


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