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X-Window interaction with CLIM

I am using Allegro V. 4.01 w/ CLIM 1.0 on a SPARC2.  I just have a question of
CLIM interaction with X-windows.  Below is some background.  I'm no expert
in X-Windows so maybe this a not!

I have been playing around with my CLIM application and found some interesting
quirks in its operation.  My application has extensive graphics and text on
the screen.  I have noticed that if I successively close the application down
into an icon and reopen it (without giving the display a chance to fully
update itself - also during the course of a gc) that when I open the
application icon and give it time, the application sort of redisplays itself
the number of times that I had successively opened and closed the icon before
even though it isn't necessary.  NOTE: My application uses my own history
mechanism and doesn't use any of CLIM's incremental type features
(ie: updating-output and such)!

Also, I am running Composer.  When the debugger window comes up and I
bring up additional inspector windows and flush them or I do restarts in
the debugger resulting in successive appearance of the debugger window (ie:
in a loop or such) the application display refills the same display area that
the debugger/inspector windows came up in over and over again the same number
of times (even if the display area was the same).

What gives?  Is this a funny X-window or CLIM quirk? A substantial amount of
time in display update is lost by doing these display area restores (even when
the areas are the same).

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