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two questions revisited

    Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1992 00:14 PST

    I'm using CLIM 1.0 and MCL 1.0 (both beta). First I define som
    presentation types and a present method:

    (clim:define-presentation-type model-&-label ())

    ; (defclass node (model-&-label)) ; make node a subclass of model-&-label
    (clim:define-presentation-type node ())

    (clim:define-presentation-method clim:present
      (obj (type model-&-label) stream (view clim:textual-view) &key)
      (print-without-type obj stream))

    Then I make an accept method, which is supposed to get a value from a
    homemade cut-buffer:

[method that calls presentation-replace-input]

    As state in the code, clim:presentation-replace-input does not use my
    own present method but one that calls print-object. Using present with
    the same argument works but then the output of course isn't put into
    the input-buffer. Help!

Is there any chance that your PRESENT method (or your
PRINT-WITHOUT-TYPE function) could be getting an error?  Maybe
when it is asked to write to a string?  The
your arguments inside a HANDLER-BIND that catches errors.  If an
error is detected, it falls back on PRINC-TO-STRING, which would
give you the Lisp-object representation.

You can check this pretty easily under Genera by enabling the
condition-tracing mechanism around one of your calls:

Enable Condition Tracing ERROR

You may find that you trap other errors that you weren't looking
for.  Just hit Resume in those cases.

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