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    Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1992 15:14 EDT
    From: harvard!gatech!cc!domeshek@BBN.COM

    I am running CLIM on a MacIvory model 3 (Symbolics Genera 8.1)

    When I use OPEN-WINDOW-STREAM to create a window as a child of my main
    application-frame's top-level-window, I can use 

	(setf (window-visibility <new-window>) t)

    to make it appear, but 

	(setf (window-visibility <new-window>) nil)

    does not make it go away.  However, if I hit <function><refresh> after
    setting the visibility to NIL, then the window disappears.  Is this a known
    bug?  Am I using these functions in the wrong way?  Any suggestions for a

As a workaround, try WINDOW-STACK-ON-BOTTOM to deexpose it.

    The reason I want to explicitly create/expose/de-expose my own little windows
    is to implement custom forms of interaction (for instance, a two-dimensional
    menu that higlights choices on the axis as you move around the plane).  If
    there are more appropriate ways to establish contexts for such effects then
    I'd like to hear about them.


    Eric (

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