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Status of CLIM 2.0. for MCL

    Date: Wed, 29 Apr 1992 08:32 PDT
    From: Mahmoud Habboub <>

    Does anybody know what is the status of clim 2.0 for MCL?  Is there
    any where a description fo CLIM 2.0?

    What is the address and Tel of ILA?

By way of answering both questions I am including below a copy of
the recent press release regarding CLIM 2.  Work on the
MCL-specific parts of CLIM 2 will begin after the final version
of CLIM 1 is shipped (concurrent with the final version of MCL 2.0).

	Contact:	Gary Roberts, Symbolics, Inc. (617) 221-1356
			Elizabeth Shook, Franz Inc. (510) 548-3600
			Bill York, ILA (415) 968-3656
			Jay Mellman, Lucid (415) 329-8400
			Jo Marks, Harlequin Ltd. +44-223 872 522



APRIL 23, 1992 -- The major CLIM(r) vendors, Franz, Harlequin,
International Lisp Associates (ILA), Lucid, and Symbolics, agreed on a
draft specification for the second generation of the graphics toolkit
technology. In addition, Franz, Harlequin, ILA, Lucid, and Symbolics
have signed a code-sharing agreement to share the cost of CLIM
development conforming to the specification.

CLIM is a portable, object-oriented set of facilities for developing
graphical user interfaces to Lisp-based applications. The second
generation CLIM 2.0 creates a truly platform-independent user
interface management system in which applications automatically adopt
the look and feel of the host environment.

The draft specification will be made available for public review at
the end of April 1992. Integration of public comments into a final
version of the specification will be moderated by Mark Son-Bell of
ILA, with the support of a committee of the Association of Lisp Users.

According to Saiid Zarrabian, Symbolics Vice President, "the
distribution of a CLIM 2.0 specification is a major step in
establishing CLIM as a standard. It will enable the vendors to get
critical feedback from end-users and other interested parties as well
as spark the interest of organizations uninvolved in CLIM to date."

Implementation code based on this CLIM 2.0 specification is being
distributed by Symbolics. Scott McKay of Symbolics and Chris
Richardson of Franz were the major contributors to the implementation,
based on prior work by Bill York and others at ILA.  Harlequin and
Lucid are preparing to make further contributions. Product should be
available to users during the second half of 1992.

CLIM is a registered trademark of International Lisp Associates. Other
brand or product names are trademarks of their respective holders.


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