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request for an ftp site for clim material

These two recent messages lead me to ask this question:

    [...]  This implementation was quite difficult to figure out.  I am
    posting this because it might be useful to others, [...]

    My question concerning this CLIM Mailing list:

    We are using CLIM on the Symbolics, on Mac on SUN (under Lucid CL).
    I'm not aware of any patches sent around so far. Are there any procedures
    set up for distribution patches (vendor specific, public file servers, ...)?
    If not, could that be done or do I always have to wait for 
    major / minor release updates for bug fixes?

The question/suggestion:

Isn't there an ftp site with clim material (at BBN or other place)?  If
not, wouldn't it be a good idea to create one?

It would be a good place for vendors to place minor patches,
examples,... and for users to contribute code.  There are some basic
things in clim that could benefit a lot from some more examples.  I
could contribute some code it took me time to write, just because I
didn't get the concepts right the first time (and I had to read the
documentation in length and in many different places).

The server could have basic directories like:





What do you climers think?

Vincent Keunen


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