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(not so) silly presentation question

    Date: Wed, 6 May 1992 19:10+0200
    From: Peter Clitherow <unido!!pc>

    In dynamic windows, i could present an object with keyword values as:

    (present object `((type) :key1 ,value) :stream stream)

    but if i now define:

    (clim:define-presentation-method present (n (type group) stream view &key curr)

In CLIM, :key1 is called a presentation type option. You have to explicitly 
declare them within define-presentation-type, e.g.

(define-presentation-type group ()
	:options (key1))

Within a present method, you have implicitly access to options of the presentation type.
You may not set them in the lambda list of the present method. Just *use* the
variable named key1.

Please see the clim doc for more information about presentation type options and parameters.

    i can't seem to find the syntax that will allow me to specify the
    keyword :curr correctly.  nor do there seem to be examples in the CLIM
    demos suite of doing this.

    the analagous:

    (clim:present object `((group) :curr T) :stream stream) fails with

    Error: The value of TYPE is (GROUP :curr T), which is not a 

    can someone give me the quick fix?


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