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CLIM 2.0

In an announcement (perhaps not official) on the net recently it was
stated that a draft specification of CLIM 2.0 was released for public
review or something like that.

Who is allowed to look at and comment on this specification?  If all
CLIM users (I mean all who have bought CLIM) can have one, how can I
get hold of one? Is there and ftp site? If anyone at ILA reads this,
can (s)he send me a copy?

There are several things I would like to do that may need a little
digging inside CLIM. If the 2.0 version documents the protocols
between layers, then it might be done cleanly. I'm very much looking
forward to reading the specification.

Hallvard Traetteberg
Dept. of Knowledge Based Systems
Center for Industrial Research
Box 124 Blindern, 0314 Oslo 3

Tlf: +47 2 45 20 10
Fax: +47 2 45 20 40

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