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Re: Problems with getting windows to come up correctly on the Sun

  Date: Tue, 12 May 92 13:09:42 MDT
  From: Robin Kladke (303)977-9760 <>
  To: clim@BBN.COM,
  Subject: Problems with getting windows to come up correctly on the Sun
  The application is composed of 6 independent windows placed
  at absolute locations relative to the root window.
  The application could be easily created using (clim:define-application-frame...)
  but, alas, too much legacy code would have to be rewritten and there is not enough time.
The end of a legacy may be near.

In the Sun world (X windows), specifying a window position is only
a "hint" (WM_HINT), and it can be overridden by the window manager if it
feels like it.  Furthermore, if you move a window, the
window manager doesn't know that the others should move
with it.

By making separate windows
that are essentially unrelated, as you have done, you give the window
manager permission to treat them separately and put them wherever
it wants.  The raison d'etre for define-application-frame is to
group windows together and thereby solve exactly this problem.

Not enough time?  It shouldn't take more than an afternoon to
lay out a reasonably complex application frame, and then you
can throw away all that "legacy" code that probably breaks
every time Symbolics releases a new version of Genera.
(I've been there.)

jeff morrill


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