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Problem with format-graph-from-root within present

    Date: Fri, 15 May 1992 06:11 EDT
    From: Anton Beschta <>

    Dear CLIMers,

    I'm having a problem using format-graph-from-root within a 
    presentation method. Consider the following example:

    (clim:define-presentation-type mr ())

    (clim:define-presentation-method clim:present
				     (mr (type mr) stream view &key)
	#'(lambda (object stream) (print (car object) stream))
	:stream stream)))

    (clim:present '(a ((b) (c) (d))) 'mr)

    Evaluating the above in a Lisp Listener (Genera 8.1, CLIM 27.0,
    no ECOs) results in the node names being placed properly
    but the connecting lines always being drawn at the *top* of
    the listener's history.


      '(a ((b) (c) (d)))
      #'(lambda (object stream) (print (car object) stream))
      :stream stream)

    results in the expected output.

    Any hints/workarounds appreciated,
This works correctly in CLIM 1.1.  You should call Symbolics software
support to find out how to get CLIM 1.1


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