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Re: Selecting Presentations

For a wonderful example of multiple "presentations" of the same objects and
the usefullness of highlighting all of them when objects are selected, get a
copy of Lisp-Stat, free (Mac, Unix/X-windows, etc. platforms) from Luke
Tierney at the Univ. of Minnesota (  There's also
a mailing list, stat-lisp-news ( to

Besides, Lisp-Stat is just plain fun to play with.  Tierney's use of "dynamic
graphics" (his term) techniques such as multiple 2-parameter projections of
multiple parameter data, rotation of 3-D views, etc., present many examples
for the CLIM community to think about.

Mike Wirth
Houston, TX

PS:  I just checked Tierney's book, "Lisp-Stat: An Object-Oriented Environment
for Statistical Computing and Dynamic Graphics," Wiley Interscience, 1990.
Apndx. B says you can ftp lisp-stat from (
Or, if you don't have ftp access, send a mail msg containing the line:
	send index from xlispstat

Oh yes, it's written in XLISP.

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