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GENERA size?

    Date: Fri, 29 May 1992 15:56 EDT
    From: (Stephen L Nicoud)

    A manager in our organization wanted to know of some large
    object-oriented applications that have been built.

    I chimed in with Genera, Dynamic Windows, & CLIM, as examples of very
    large object-oriented-based systems.  I also noted that the
    object-orientedness is extremely pervasive in these systems.

    Now, I've been asked to provide some "numbers" on how large they are.

    So, can anyone provide any numbers for sizing Genera, Dynamic Windows
    or CLIM?

    Off the top of my head, numbers like lines-of-code (yes, I know the
    drawbacks to using such a number; I've been following the debate on, MB (MW) of source, MB (MW) of binary, would be
    useful.  I'll take any numbers right now.

    I will summarize to the net, so just send your replies to me at

I'll send this to the lists, as they may be of general interest and
might provoke more detailed data and discussion.

Symbolics has made various measures of the size of its systems in the
past, usually informal and pretty approximate.  I was unable to locate,
in a quick search, any files with detailed data; all I have now is from
several people's memories.

The size of Genera (all of it, including the core applications that are
included in the development Genera world that we ship) is roughly a
million (1,000,000) lines of source code.  It contains about 3500
flavors/classes.  I'll try to dig up some more meaningful and detailed
data, like number of symbols, number of functions/methods, methods per
flavor/class, and so on.

CLIM is a mere 60,000 lines of source code.  I have no other numbers for
it now.

I have no numbers for Dynamic Windows as a separate entity, partly
because it is not too well demarcated from the rest of Genera.  I can
get some measures, if we agree on what it includes: I would suggest
including the dynamic window substrate, the presentation substrate, and
the Command Processor, but not things like the common presentation
types, core DW clients, etc.  At a guess, this would be close to the
same size as CLIM.

I hope this is helpful.

Douglas Dodds   (
Symbolics, Inc.
Concord, Mass.


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