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Menu-choose, Scrolling

    Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1992 23:11+0200
    From: unido!!hull (Richard Hull)

      Markus, Thanks for the tip about using the :duplicate-test keyword.  It worked 
    with :duplicate-test #'equal.  Why isn't there any documentation about this 
    change?  In the update I received from Symbolics I saw nothing about
    format-graph-from-roots.  I did try :merge-duplicates #'equal but of course that
    didn't work.  I have a couple of other problems taht I can't seem to figure

     (1)  for some reason scrolling a graph produced by format-graph-from-roots in
	  a pane seems to "chew up" the graph.  When the pane is scrolled the 
	  graph loses several rows and columns of pixels when the pane is scrolled
	  vertically or horizontally.  Sometimes an entire character of the node
	  name disappears.  Any ideas?

That bothered me too, so I looked up the bug. I mailed Scott McKay of Symbolics, Inc. 
the fix, it might be part of the next CLIM release.

     (2)  Why are menus created with menu-choose given a vertical scroll bar?  Is
	  there any way to remove it (in the cases where I know there won't be
	  more than say 5 items on the menu)? 

CLIM:MENU-CHOOSE uses a resource MENU, and those objects are all of the same kind,
i.e. include always scroll-bars.
You'll have to use CLIM:MENU-CHOOSE-FROM-DRAWER, which takes a window to draw the
menu on.

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