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menus and commands

I'm using CLIM 1.1, common lisp, and Genera 8.1.1 but I think these are generic CLIM questions.

1)  I have a popup menu associated with presentation objects.  I use the
    define presentation action command which in turn calls the
    call-presentation-menu command.  This works fine except the list
     of commands doesn't appear to be alphabetized.  I have added the
     :after :sort options to some, but not all of the commands that
     appear in the popup menu.  The commands with the :after :sort don't
      seem to appear in alphabetical order. What am I doing wrong?

2)  we have several panes that contain command menus.  we use the 
    display-command-menu as the display function.  some of the
    commands in the command-menu have menu's associated with them.
    I'd like to be able to associate some of the commands in the menu's
    that popup with the top level command.  for example the command pane
    might look like this
         command 1 
         command 2
         command 3
     when you click on command 2 you get a menu with entries 
          command 1-1
          command  1-2
          command 1-3

     what I'd like to do is associate command 1-3 with the top level
     command 2 so that when the user moves the mouse over command 2
     and clicks say shift mouse middle command 1-3 is executed.  in
     dw we used define-command-menu-handler to get this behavior.

Thanks for any help.  I'd especially appreciate code samples.


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