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CLIM command-table bug

    Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1992 05:47 EDT
    From: Markus Fischer <SUN4.SGER!MF%sger.uucp@BBN.COM>

	Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1992 23:19+0200
	From: "Robert W. Kerns" <unido!!ai.RWK>

	Could someone please explain to me the logic of having keystrokes
	not be inherited by command tables??

DEFINE-COMMAND-TABLE now takes a :INHERIT-MENU option that tells the new
command table to inherit menu items and keystrokes from the parents.
:INHERIT-MENU defaults to NIL.

	It seems to me that this renders CLIM command tables completely useless
	if you care about inheritance, and you use keystrokes.  How can it
	possibly be sane for the inheritance of keystrokes and other attributes
	to be different???

	If keystrokes were inherited, and you wanted to use a different set of
	keystrokes in some situation, define the commands in one command table,
	the keystrokes in another, and use whichever you want, depending on whether
	or not you want the keystrokes.  This is elementary object-oriented-programming

	No such modularity is possible if they follow different rules.

    I don't know about keystrokes, because I don't use them, 
    but I think menu items aren't inherited either, and I find that
    quite bad, too.

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