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selective accept

    Date: Wed, 29 Jul 1992 16:11 EDT
    From: Tom Trinko <>

    This is on a symbolics running genera 8.1.1 and CLIM 1.1 but the problem also appears on the SUN

    I need to allow only certain instances of a class to be accepted in a certain accept statement.  
    I supply parameters which are used in the determination. Present-typep correctly evaluates the
    parameters and returns nil for the instances that are not supposed to present.  Unfortunetly the 
    instances present--ie a box is draw around them--anyway.  I even hardwired presentation-typep so
    it always returned nil and that made no difference.  If i use the help key to get the suggestions for
    what instances are acceptable i get the correct list with only the intances that pass the test in present,
    which is based on the parameters in the accept statement.

    I tried using the modifications to identity-translator-applicable-p that were posted here recently
    but that didn't seem to help.  

    The basic question is how do I limit which instances of a class are mouse sensitive?

    the basic code layout is 

	    (accept `((unit  :parameter  ,test-value ...))

		  (if (function test-value)

    Thanks for any help.

Please send a small, failing test case, so I don't have to come up with
one myself.


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