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Style and Design question about presentations


I'm designing an interface for a system that will run parallel to
another existing system.  My system uses classes defined in the other
system, but not vice-versa.  The intent is to be able to load either
in any order and run them separately without them interfering with
one another.  In System-X I'd like to present objects from System-Y
differently than they are presented within that system.

Obviously, I don't want to redefine presentation methods on the
original System-Y presentations so that they would then be presented
differently back in System-Y.  Further, if presentation translators
are defined on those presentations, then I don't want to give the
original System-Y presentations new behavior.  What's the best way to
do this?  The essence of this question really begs a pretty basic
question about presentations and the best way to present the same
object differently. 


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