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clim contrasting colors

(clim 1.1, allegro 4.1)

We recently borrowed an interior decorator to decorate our windows.
He decided, for color screens, that the window background should
be clim:+royal-blue+ and the window foreground should be clim:+white+.

I have discovered that these two inks are identical ("white") on a B&W Sun
OpenWindows display.  This makes it rather difficult to use the program.

The colors are specified as the :stream-foreground and :stream-background
:panes options to define-application-frame.  These options are evaluated
at compile time as far as I can tell, which is obviously too early for
me to examine the characteristics of the stream or the display and
then select an appropriate ink.

I suppose clim:make-contrasting-inks was invented to solve this
problem.  But it does not do as good of a job as our decorator
in choosing snazzy colors.

Does clim 1 have a way around this problem?  

jeff morrill


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