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Required standard gesture names.

    Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1992 11:54 EDT
    From: "Ben A. Hyde" <gensym!>

    Why are these required standard gesture names?  


    It seems to me that these are not found in most main stream graphic 
    applications.  Requiring them pulls CLIM based applications in a 
    direction that the main stream of graphic applications have choosen
    (usually for good reason) not to head.

All applications want to be able to count on a few standard gesture
names.  These are particularly useful ones.  The first three are
intended as hooks for applications that have keyboard interfaces, which
some of us still like.  The others are canonical names for pointer
gestures.  Those four, plus :SELECT, are reasonable names for a broad
class of typical application commands.

Also, I don't see how these gesture names pull CLIM-based applications
out of any direction, mainstream or otherwise.  Nothing says what the
mappings have to be, just that the gestures be there.  Furthermore,
nothing requires that CLIM applications use these gestures, just that
CLIM support them in a useful way.


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