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| Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1992 12:01-0400
| From: Scott McKay <>
|     Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1992 10:34 EDT
|     From:
|     | ...
|     | I saw the messages about using locks when interacting with the screen.  Could
|     | someone provide a short snippet of code showing how one would use those 
|     | unexported clim calls initial-lock-values and with-lockf?
|     I wrote the question to which locks were the answer.  I had the same
|     problem you do.  Instead of using Clim locks, I used the locks in
|     Allegro's multi-processing system.  Since you have a multi-process
|     application, your lisp must have some sort of lock mechanism.  My code
|     is very simple.   ...
| This doesn't do you any good for CLIM 1.0/1.1, but you should use
| they are portable across all platforms that implement CLIM.

1) Since it protects the processes from accessing the screen
simultaneously, why doesn't it do me any good?

2) I'm using CLIM 1.1, and I still don't know what calls to use.  I
can't find any documentation in the CLIM 1.0 manual, the only one I
have.  What are they?

-- Russ Abbott


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