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format directives

   From: Scott McKay <>

       The Lisp machine has open and close horseshoe as format directives to make
       text style specifications easy.  Is there any thought on this subject for CLIM?

   Not to my knowledge.  I hope that we CLIM implementors all resist the
   temptation to mess around with FORMAT directives.  This is certainly
   good material for a CLIM library contribution, though.

       I am about to use ~+ and ~- because they are about the only unused characters
       that make any menonic sense.

There's no portable way for CLIM or a library contribution portably to
extend format string syntax.  The strategy of shadowing format with an
extended version might make other implementation-dependent extensions

There is a portable way to approximate what's wanted using the `new'
~/.../ format directive -- something like ~/clim:push-font/ -- but it
would be syntactically turgid in practice.


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