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    Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1992 15:23 EDT
    From: Erik Eilerts <>

    Could anyone tell me if Clim 2.0 will provide any support for animation?

No, not really.  You wil be able to do "bitblt" animation by copying out
of pixmaps, but that's just a hack.

    Also, what kind of format will Clim 2.0 bitmaps be stored in, ie. TIFF?

CLIM does not specify the representation of bitmaps or pixmaps.  It is
simple enough to write code the reads in an external-format bitmap and
converts it to a CLIM pattern object (which is device independent), and
from a pattern into a device-dependent pixmap.  This is an area that is
ripe for contributions to the nearly empty CLIM library.

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