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Beta for CLIM 2.0?

Any vendors need another beta site for CLIM 2.0?  We will! We will!

"We" are the MITRE AI Center in McLean VA.  We use CLIM on three
internally-developed Symbolics Genera systems and an externally-developed
Lucid application on Sun unix.  We need the Symbolics-developed
applications to work on Genera, Lucid (HP and Sun) and MCL.  We also have
folks who want to develop on MCL.

Our applications require color, simple animation, menus, graphs,
presentations, etc.  Some of our older systems we'd like to convert use
Symbolics TV package stuff for some menus.  We got bit maps, icons, and
home-grown sliders.  We need widgets like those available in Mac Smalltalk
and Garnet.

Anyway, we like CLIM and need some of the 2.0 capability ASAP.  Anyone at
Symbolics, Franz, Apple, or Lucid like to read bug reports?


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