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On Sep 16, 11:26am, Vincent Keunen wrote:
> If you use CLIM on MCL, can you send me a short message?

We currently use CLIM on a project to move code between Suns and
MacIvories (Symbolics LispM coprocessors in Macs).  We have in the past
run the same code on MCL under CLIM, but haven't done that much lately.

There are two reasons we haven't used MCL CLIM much recently:
 - It's more convenient to use the more powerful machines, and (at the
   moment) we have enough of them to meet usage demands (primarily
   because we're still mostly doing development).
 - Our user interface requires some rather precise graphics, and there
   are enough one-pixel differences (yes, it really matters) between the
   CLIM ports to make it a pain to maintain conditionally compiled

When we get to a point where our users really need to run it on machines
other than our few development platforms, we'll probably make the MCL
version (really just the conditionally compiled mods) work again.

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