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Re: The cost of CLIM and its future

I'm not a clim user yet, but I expect to be soon, which is why I'm
following these discussions. 

Why is CLIM important to me? Because I develop programs which get
delivered on standard commercial window systems (eg. Openlook, MOTIF,
etc.). Currently, CLIM is the only reasonable path I know of for
programming applications for these window systems in Lisp. 

This is worth paying for. How much? The answer is market competition.
One aspect of my job is developing software in as cost effective a
manner as possible. As much as I want to program in Lisp, if it is
more cost effective to build an application in C, then as a
responsible professional, that's the decision I'd have to make. (There
is much more to this than purchase price of course). However, CLIM is
clearly worth paying for. 

It's also worth noting that there are C based packages supporting
platform-independent GUI-building which cost about ten times what CLIM
costs (e.g. Visix's "Galaxy" and Neuron Data's "Open Interface").

--Jon Degenhardt


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