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Re: presentation coordinates, or FORMATTED-CELL coordinates

    Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1992 11:02 EDT
    From: Jeff Close <>

    OK, I thought I was clear before, but I'll try to be more specific.
    (BTW, this is Allegro, Clim 1.1, Sparc 1).  

    I know how Formatting-Table and -Graph work.  I  know that what I draw
    gets placed in normalized coordinates within the body of the overall
    formatting call.  Scott, you remark, "What this means is that, it
    doesn't matter what coordinate system you cell output in, because CLIM
    will always move it to the same place in the table.  So if you just
    pick a normalized coordinate system...".  But my problem is I WANT to
    know the absolute coordinates where these things are eventually
There is no way to find out in advance.

	     Within my own presentation drawing code, I only get those
    normalized coordinates (or whatever local system I set up).  But I
    want a hook into the formatting call to find out where the
    presentation is placed in the window in the table or graph call.
    Thanks for any more thoughts.

By the time this hook would get called, all of the user-level code 
would have already been run.

I don't have a good suggestion.



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