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1.1-->2.0 how much work?

    Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1992 15:51 EDT
    From: "T. Trinko" <>

			   Subject:                               Time:11:45 AM
      OFFICE MEMO          1.1-->2.0 how much work?               Date:9/23/92

By the way, what is this "office memo" stuff?  (It sure manages to raise
the hackles on the back of my neck to conflate electronic mail with an
"office memo".)

    If my code works under CLIM 1.1 how much work, if any will it take to get it
    to run under CLIM 2.0?  What sort of things if any will I have to change?
    Thanks for any info.

The CLIM 2.0 spec contains an appendix that lists the differences
between CLIM 1.1 and CLIM 2.0.



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