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CR Activation Character Accepting PATHNAME

    Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1992 00:53 EDT
    From: "John C. Mallery" <>

1        In Symbolics XL1200 Genera 8.1.1, Logical Pathnames Translation Files NEWEST, IP-TCP 435.4, NFS Server 425.0, NFS Client 425.2, CLX 431.0,
        X Remote Screen 429.0, IP-TCP Documentation 409.0, X Documentation 408.0, NFS Documentation 410.0, Metering 429.0, Metering Substrate 429.0,
        Conversion Tools 421.0, Hacks 425.0, CLIM 28.5, CLIM Documentation 31.0, 8-1-1-Patches 1.4, MAC 404.1, X Server 414.0, C Runtime 425.0,
        Compiler Tools Package 420.0, Compiler Tools Runtime 420.0, C Packages 423.0, Minimal Lexer Runtime 425.0, Lexer Package 424.0,
        Syntax Editor Runtime 420.0, TeX-SCT 425.1, TeX-DVI 425.0, TeX-Common 425.1, Pascal Runtime 420.0, Pascal Package 420.0, VIRTeX 425.0, TeX 425.0,
        LaTeX 425.0, SliTeX 425.0, YTeX 425.0, BibTeX 425.0, Illustrate 425.1, Jcma 31, Showable Procedures 34.1, Define System 15.0,
        Experimental Symbolics Common Lisp Compatibility 1.0, Experimental SHERFACS International Conflict Dataset 1.0,
        Experimental Feature Vector Editor 10.0, Binary Tree 32.0, Agent Utilities 44.0, cold load 1, Ivory Revision 4A (FPA enabled), FEP 325,
        FEP0:>i325-loaders.flod(8), FEP0:>i325-info.flod(8), FEP0:>i325-debug.flod(8), FEP0:>i325-lisp.flod(8), FEP0:>i325-kernel.fep(9), Boot ROM version 316,
        Device PROM version 325, 1067x766 B&W Screen, Machine serial number 320, Tcp band xfer (from SYS:MAC;TCP-BAND-XFER-PATCH.LISP.2),
        Add CLIM presentation and text style format directives. (from FV:CODE;FORMAT.LISP.13),
        world booted from FEP0:>Plus-A-AI-8-1-1.ilod.1 on Symbolics XL1200 #320 (Lisp Machine Omega):

0    When accepting a pathname, I find myself hitting CR often when the cursor is
    not at the end of the line.  PATHNAME just send off everything up to the
    point, and I get the wrong file, typically no file.  CLIM should behave like
    the lispm in this regard, interpreting CR or <END>, as done editing, take it
    all.  A small but annoying behavior when you're typing fast.

This is fixed in CLIM 2.0.  Jeff Morrill may also have a private patch
that we created to fix this, too, but I don't recall for sure.


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